1. Can you help me sell my vehicle?
    Yes, please email the details or call Heidi and she will explain the options.
  2. How does your service work?
    If you are super busy and have no time to shop, you are Heidi’s perfect client. You want a very quick, easy and painless way to buy or lease a car. There is virtually no work on your part except for identifying the car details and getting approved for financing.
  3. Can you guarantee the lowest price in the market?
    No. If you are price shopping, please contact as many dealers as possible. Once you have your “best” price, contact Heidi and she will let you know if she can obtain a lower price. Heidi does not have a computer with prices.
  4. Do you charge a fee?
    Yes, the fee is $395 to handle the entire process.
  5. Do you assist with trades?
    Yes. The trade is shopped independently of the car you are purchasing to maximize the value.
  6. How much money can I expect to save by using your services?
    Average savings on used cars equal $1000. Savings on new cars vary.
  7. Is there a warranty with a used vehicle? 
    Yes, the balance of the factory warranty transfers to you. If the vehicle warranty is expired, you may inquire about purchasing an extended warranty for the vehicle.
  8. Can you assist with financing? 

Rita - Toyota 2011 Happy Customer
From a satisfied Autowoman customer: Just got my brand new 2011 Toyota Highlander! Thanks to Heidi for this pain free experience! My husband and I never liked buying cars through dealers; too much pressure! With Heidi the whole process was very pleasant and headache-free. I will recommend Heidi to my friends, family and business associates in a heartbeat. I am sure my real estate clients will also enjoy the new wheels!


Your Solution to the Challenges of Auto Buying

Allow HEIDI to make the car buying process quick and easy for you!!!

  • Your own personal purchase or lease expert (Auto Broker).
  • Great trade-in value.
  • Objective financing and leasing advice.
  • Outstanding track record, credit union endorsements and client references.
  • Full factory warranty on new cars