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In October, 2005, Heidi, The Amazing Autowoman, was featured in the New York Times. Here is the article.
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A bit of a personal milestone here, basically we bought a car for the family today. It’s a Ford Edge and I think it looks like an angry little “mongrel” of a thing… kind of reminds of this little stocky pit fighting machine for some reason.

It’s for the kids etc, as the next toy will be a Cayman S Porsche. Just need to bring some of my Aussie cashflow over to the US first.

Special thanks to the Amazing Autowoman for sourcing the purchase. She got me a great deal – and it was above what we asked for and for less price! Word of mouth is good advertising! (she has figured out some great Microsoft discounts as well)

Scott Barnes

My wife and I want to thank you for the easiest car transactions we have ever had. I had a friend back in Michigan look up what he would pay for that car and it was several hundred dollars more. And he works for Chrysler!

Thanks again,
Scott and Teresa

My wife said this was the smoothest vehicle transaction we have ever had and I would agree. Thanks so much for making it so easy for us. I don’t think I will experience buyer’s remorse on this one.

Ken Stoner

“As part of the process of relocating to the Pacific Northwest from the East Coast, I started shopping for a new Honda CR-V through the internet with the objective of taking delivery immediately upon arriving in the region. My experience with internet sales agents was both frustrating and time consuming. Then, a friend of mine turned me onto Heidi. One email and two phone calls later, I had identified a car that met my specifications, spoken with the dealer to work out arrangements for dealer-installed options, and arranged for a pick-up time. She gave me an honest, candid assessment by a third party of the market for the vehicle I wanted, (iii) guaranteed that the quote was actually backed by a vehicle, equipped as I had specified, and (iv) saved me a lot of time and money. I can’t speak highly enough about the experience. Heidi’s everything she claims and nothing she is not. You can’t go wrong by working with her.”

Christopher B.